Changing the Back right rear wheel bearing on a Chevelot 2014 Equinox.

So we have a lot of mechanical work to do on my Equinox. Luckily, I was brought up by a man who had 4 daughters and then finally 2 sons, so we worked on the farm. We were never told we couldn’t do something because we were women. We halped repair engines, farm harvested with farm equipment, drove 3 ton trucks beside the beet digger, combined, swathed etc. So when they told me to repair my equinox would cost 3000.00 dollars, I looked into how hard it would be to do the work. So I am going to replace the front struts on the equinox and the rear wheel bearing assemblies. LOL the videos make it look easy. I also asked my local parts supplier who said it shouldn’t be that bad as long as the bolts cooperate. To help that along I am going to spray WD-40 on the bolts over night, or even early the day before to convince the bolts to cooperate.

Wwweeellll we attempted to change the wheel bearing and the struts. The wheel bearing was difficult as the bolts were difficult to remove. Luckily I used the brutal strength of my brother in-law lol.  Then we moved on to the struts… After two hours we had them changed. My sister noticed that the wheels looked differently.  Luckily my brother in law suggested we take it for a spin… Oh no… 


The vehicle pulled to the left a lot… So we pulled off the wheel on the left side. Pulled off the strut and realized that the strut had play(room for adjustment) on it. We had thrown away the old struts. So we had to dig them out of the junk truck box.  


We decided it was better to put the old struts on where there was no play. After replacing the struts on both wheels twice. The vehicle steers better.    

We had replacing the struts down to thirty minutes each strut. 


But after an afternoon of mechanicing… we had replaced the wheel bearing with a new found skill of changing struts…   With all the mechanical fun. I decided maybe I would not drive to Disneyland 25 hours one way, by my self..  


A flight was booked.  Next time we will drive.  





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